Office Chonai-kai's Book
A book entitled
"Whiteness 70 is Just Right" [referring to the preference of many Japanese for "pure" white paper,] describes the unique perspectives and experiences of Office Chonai-kai's supporters. The book aims to provide guidance to people interested in resource recycling and other environmental issues. A PDF file of Chapter 1 of this book has been uploaded onto this web page for your reference. It describes the background that led to the founding of Office Chonai-kai, its innovative used paper collection system and unique initiatives to increase recycled paper use.

From the "Afterword"
Ten years ago, I first met Mr. Hangai, one of the founding members and organizers of Office Chonai-kai. I found his work so interesting that shortly after that first meeting, I agreed to do research for Office Chonai-kai to help them with their paper recycling programs and their
"whiteness 70" movement.

Though most Japanese are quite diligent about sorting their waste, they are less willing to use products made from recycled material. In fact, many Japanese are prejudiced against recycled products. The
"whiteness 70" movement aims to eliminate prejudice and misconceptions about recycled paper, while efforts are being made at the same time to improve its quality and price. The ultimate goal of Office Chonai-kai is to bring about fundamental changes in our culture, our economy and in public policy.

Katsumi Yorimoto
Professor, Waseda University, Faculty of Politics and Economy

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Hakushoku-do 70 ga choudo yoi
Office Chonai-kai edition
Published in November 1, 2001
Publisher Gyosei KK
Caption of photographs in the book